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V2Soft is a global leader in Information Technology Services and Business Solutions with world headquarters in Michigan, USA. Established in March 1998, V2Soft provides cost effective, high performance technology solutions to clients worldwide in various domains. V2Soft believes in partnering with their customers to solve their business problems using technology. V2Soft offers a wide range of technology and consulting services including IT Services, Cloud Computing, Engineering Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Testing Solutions, Hosting Solutions, Outsourcing and Staffing Solutions to many Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Website - https://www.v2soft.com/.

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How AI Testing will change test automation?

The goal of testing is to ensure that the product or service is working as intended. The most common way of testing a product or service is through manual testing, which requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the use of AI technology, test automation can be done efficiently and cost-effectively.


AI Testing

The goal of testing is to ensure that the product or service is working as intended. The most common way of testing a product or service is through manual testing, which requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the use of AI technology, test automation can be done efficiently and cost-effectively.


Test Automation:

Test automation helps companies reduce their costs by automating repetitive tasks that are not worth investing in human resources for. It allows for a shorter time to market, reduced staffing needs, and increased inventory efficiency by testing application bugs before releasing a product or service.


A software tester reviews work performed by developers to make sure that they are taking the necessary steps to create a quality product with fewer risks of errors or defects. Software testers also review code and the application's user interface to make sure that they meet quality standards. They also identify potential problems before the software is released for public use.


A software tester's work can be stressful, because of such factors as testing in an environment with tight deadlines and pressure from management to accomplish tasks quickly.


Software Testing - Software testers work to ensure that a project's software is released with fewer risks of errors or defects. They might review the code and the application's user interface to make sure that they meet quality standards. They also identify potential problems before the product is released.


Different Types of AI Tests and Some Tips on Using Them Effectively:

Automated testing tools are being used by companies to improve their product quality. They can be used for both manual and automated testing.


The different types of AI tests are:

- Automated test tools,

- Algorithmic tests,

- Intelligent algorithms,

- Machine learning models.


What are the Best Uses of AI Tests and How to Get Started with Them?

The best use of AI tests is to test the functionality of a product or service. The best way to get started with AI testing is by using a tool that offers an interface for developers and designers.


Other uses of AI tests are as follows:

- Customer satisfaction testing and quality assurance testing,  

 - Automated software testing, and   

 - Automated data mining for predictive analytics.


How AI Testing May Change the Future of Automation in Businesses

With the increasing use of AI in businesses, it is important to keep in mind that AI is not a replacement for humans. It is just another tool that can be used by humans to make the process more efficient.


The future of automation in businesses will be heavily influenced by the change in technology. There are many ways that AI testing may change how automation works in businesses. One way is by allowing companies to test their products with human-like intelligence, which will allow them to make better decisions before releasing their products into the market. Another way is by providing companies with data about how users interact with their product, which will help them make changes and improve on their product before releasing it into the market.


Some of these changes might result in more time for human workers, but there are also some benefits to automation. Automation is used to improve efficiency and performance in manufacturing, services, health care, call centres, and other sectors. A recent trend among companies with a capital-intensive business is the use of robotics technology. In manufacturing industries robotics have been used to replace or reduce human labour in roles such as welding, painting, and assembly line work.


AI testing has been used in various industries for a long time and it is now becoming more popular in business automation as well. It helps businesses to test their automation systems to ensure that they are performing optimally.


The future of automation is uncertain, but AI testing may change this. Automation systems are not always reliable and if companies want to stay ahead of the game, they need to test them to make sure that they are performing optimally.


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What is Application Testing Services and Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Application Testing Services

What are Application Testing Services?


Application testing services are a type of service that provides software testing for applications. Understanding the need for application testing services is essential for any company. The importance of application testing services can be seen in the numerous benefits it provides to businesses.


A business needs app testing services if they want to ensure that their app or software is bug-free and secure. With a lot of people using apps on their smartphones, it is important that they are not riddled with bugs which could lead to data loss or other problems. Application testing services also help in identifying potential issues before they become a problem for the customer, which saves time and money. There are many reasons why it is important to have an application tested before it is put out into the world. One of the most common reasons is that people need to know if the application has any bugs in it or if there are any potential security issues.


5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Application Testing Services:

Application development companies will always benefit from hiring an expert who can identify these bugs before releasing the app to the public. This prevents them from losing customers due to an inferior product and helps them maintain a good reputation in the market.


Below are the few reasons why every business need application testing service such as,

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Trustworthy Results
  3. Ensure Efficiency
  4. Cost-Effective Solution
  5. Product efficiency and ease-of-use.

Benefits of Testing a Web Application:

1 - Visual QA Checks will Reduce the Number of Bugs in your Software

2 - You'll Get Instant Feedback from your Customers

3 - It will Improve Your Team's Communication & Collaboration on Future Projects

4 - Time-Saving Automated Processes

5 - The Peace of Mind that Testing brings to your Development Team



Software Testing is an integral part of software development but from a business point of view, it impacts massive things. So, Software Testing Services is important to businesses.


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Enterprise Application Services

Businesses are demanding faster innovation cycles for new technology-led experiences and products that deliver better customer engagement and improved bottom-line results. How do you modernize your enterprise applications, so they are scalable, flexible, and manageable? How do you ensure a return on investment in your legacy systems? What does it take to deliver new services that delight your customers?


At V2Soft we understand the challenges you are facing to maintain and enhance business applications at a time when: You need to update your applications to meet new business needs and changing regulations with our application services.


Application Development Services:

Application Development Company helps to Solve business problems using the appropriate technology, innovation, and our full-stack experienced teams. Experience our Agile-based approach towards building Cloud-native applications, Application Integrations, or enhancing existing applications.



Application Transformation Services:

Our Application Transformation Services help you re imagine business applications and streamline existing application portfolios. We help you build future-ready applications using the right technologies and our full-stack experienced teams. Get more from existing applications by assessing your application portfolio, re-platforming existing applications, or migrating applications to cloud or standards-based architecture and achieving greater agility by transitioning application delivery to Agile and DevOps.


When you work with V2Soft, you get more and more strategies, technologies, and more confidence in your decisions with our custom application solutions and consulting. Connect with us to know more.

Why businesses are making the Switch to Agile Software Development Methodology?

Businesses are switching to an Agile Software Development Methodology for three major reasons:

  1. 1. To make a programming framework that is more versatile and to building what consumers want has always been a top concern for us, and agile helps to achieve that goal.
  2. 2. Businesses can create software that is more consistent with our clients' needs—now and in the future—as we gather feedback from them at every stage of the process.
  3. 3. Align internal teams for easier, more meaningful collaboration. From product to support to marketing, the agile structure facilitates cross-communication. Clients frequently receive better assistance, more helpful documentation, and a better knowledge of the value proposition of a product as a result.
Source: http://www.v2soft.com/blogs/10-key-characteristics-agile-software-development-methodology

Types of Testing that can be performed on the software or application

The different types of testing that can be done on a piece of software or an application:


With an established Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) that delivers centralized testing services across project teams, software testing services should encompass the areas of testing strategy, methodology, process, and test competency assessment.


Software testing is constantly changing. It assures that a software/application is free of faults, malfunctions, and other defects, allowing users to have a fantastic experience.


Customers are aided in delivering quality software products and applications by providing Software Testing Solutions such as test automation, performance testing, security testing, and functional testing.


Here are some forms of software or application testing that can be done:


Unit Testing - Unit test is a term that refers to the process of testing an individual. It revolves around the tiniest aspect of software development. Individual methods and functions of the classes, components, or modules used by your software are tested. 


Smoke Testing - Smoke tests are fundamental checks that ensure the application's essential functionality.


Integration Testing - Integration tests ensure that your application's many components or services perform properly together.


Regression Testing - Adding a new and fresh module to the program causes it to change. This type of testing ensures that the entire component functions correctly, even after it has been added to the full program.


System Testing — This software has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Security testing, performance testing, recovery testing, and stress testing are all included.


Software Testing Services

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What is a Staffing Solution?

Using a staffing solution is the right choice for businesses. A staffing solution initiates representatives for organizations that are looking to fill certain positions.


What is the responsibility of the staffing solution/ staffing agency?


At the point when you need a new setup and decide to work with a staffing agency, the interaction normally goes as follows: 


The business connects the staffing agency - First, you'll reach out to an agency that specializes in your industry, specifying workforce solutions like the job responsibilities, the number of employees needed, the timeline to hire new workers and the wage or salary rate.


The company makes the job description - The staffing solutions create the job description and promote it. They may likewise contact potential applicants.


Candidates are verified by the staffing agency - Before arranging and conducting interviews, the hiring firm examines individuals' experience and credentials when they begin applying for the open position. They then select the most qualified candidates to present to your company's recruiting manager according to their permanent or contract hire


The final choice is made by the employer - Before making a final hiring decision, the hiring manager or business owner will interview the staffing agency's candidates. This saves you and your team time that would otherwise be spent sorting through many applications.


The documentation is handled by the agency - Most agencies take care of all the paperwork that comes with new hires, such as contracts, taxes, and other payroll chores. 


Looking for the right staffing services for your business? Contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to help you.



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Adobe Solutions | Adobe Analytics | Adobe Solutions Service Company

V2Soft is an Adobe Community-Level Partner with effective implementation of several Adobe Experience Managers (formerly Adobe CQ). Our AEM-certified architects, developers and designers are extremely experienced in enterprise-level integrations that take advantage of all Adobe Experience Manager's content-authoring capacities. 


Adobe Solutions

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Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce Management Solutions is an integrated set of process that a company uses to increase the productivity of its employees. Workforce Management effectively forecasts the labor requirements and accordingly create and manage staff schedules to accomplish the work on a day-to-day basis. The main objective of workforce management is to assign the right number of employees to the right tasks to finish it at the right time.


Workforce Management Solutions

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Big Data Solutions, Big Data Services, Benefits of Big Data Solutions

V2Soft provides advanced integrated customized Big Data Infrastructure Management Solutions, Application Development, Analytics services across domains which help customers maximize revenue and increase operational efficiency.

V2Soft - IT Business Solutions and Outsourcing Company

V2Soft is a highly motivated and global IT Business Solutions and Outsourcing Services company. V2Soft provides IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies though automotive, financial, healthcare,  advertising & marketing, retail and energy. We hold partnerships, certifications and memberships with the worlds most distinguished IT companies, associations and organizations.


IT Business Solutions and Outsourcing Company

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Big Data is almost everywhere. Everyone discusses about this concept. But very limited can list the benefits of Big Data and how it can support your business. Watch the video to know more about Big Data and its benefits and solutions.


Big Data Services

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions is a way to analyze and systematically extract large & complex information from data sets to be dealt with by traditional application processing software. It is an enterprise-class IT platform that enables organization in developing, positioning, functioning and handling a big data infrastructure.

Influence of Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

The 21st century is stated as the information age that has transmogrified the data-driven worldwide business segment. With expanded dependence of enterprises on technological advancements, they anticipate empowering advanced change in the digital transformation with the help of cloud computing solutions and cloud-based services.Influence of Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

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Mobile Cloud Computing solutions architecture, applications development and analytics service for businesses by V2Soft.

Mobile Cloud Computing

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Contract Staffing | Staffing Outsourcing | Temporary Staffing

Contract Staffing as the name speaks is a strategy of recruiting human resource on contract. This contract could occur between an individual, one company and between two companies.

Contract Staffing

V2Soft: IT Solutions, Staffing, Service and Outsourcing Company

V2Soft is a global leader in Information Technology Services and Business Solutions with world headquarters in Michigan, USA. Established in March 1998, V2Soft provides cost effective, high performance technology solutions to clients worldwide in various domains. V2Soft believes in partnering with their customers to solve their business problems using technology.

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